Advantages Of Incentive Spirometer

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An incentive spirometer is a medical device used to assist patients in regulating breathing, keeping lungs clear and healthy and strengthening their lungs. It can measure how full the patients’ lungs inflate with each breath they take. It is a very important medical device and has a lot of benefits. Now I will introduce the benefits in detail.

1. Help patients to avoid some diseases

It is considered that difficulty in deep breathing and coughing may lead to pneumonia. Some will also be at risk for developing atelectasis due to decreased lung expansion. Hence, it is important to fill their lungs deeply with good breathing in order to prevent diseases such as pneumonia and atelectasis. In other words, it is a way to maintain health. However, after surgery, patients always can’t breathe deeply and completely due to the pain, which make it easier for them to develop pneumonia or other residue fluid in the lungs. With incentive spirometer, it assists the patients in getting enough oxygen and expanding their lungs to the maximum extent, correspondingly avoiding such diseases.

2. Help patients to keep their lungs clear and healthy

During surgery, mucus may accumulate in patients’ lungs because lungs are deflated and can’t work normally. The accumulation of mucus may contribute to difficulty in breathing or even asphyxia, so it is critical to use some good breathing technique helping to keep their lungs clear. Physicians always prescribe incentive spirometer which is an effective way to solve the aspiratory problem. Proper use of the device can loosen up mucus, but there is a point that needs to be noticed. Except for using the device, you should also need to cough up as much of the mucus as possible. Only in this way, can you remove all the mucus and find it easier to take deep breath.

3. Help physicians and nurses to diagnose

The device enables patients to exercise their lungs, which helps them to take slow deep breaths and provides them with more oxygen. It can increase patients’ breathing capacity and enable them to breathe easily. In this case, patients and nurses can see how well medication is working and decide the ulterior therapy.

4. Guarantee your daily health

Incentive spirometer is not only for patients, but also for some common people. Most people breathe shallow when they feel stressful or depressed. The emotion may restrict the air and oxygen flow into the body and may cause dizziness. It is wise to get an evaluation of the breathing measurements usually, as to keep healthy.

Now you have gained enough information about this device. Go and have a try!