Best 5 minute Forex Scalping Strategy | High Win Rate 70% forex

In this video, I will demonstrate the Best 5 minute Forex Scalping Strategy using RSI, EMA, and Stochastic indicators. Forex Scalping Strategies may be difficult to learn, but with enough time and practice, even beginners can master the art of forex scalping.

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0:00 Intro
0:10 What is scalping?
1:04 Join my FREE Forex Group
1:13 Trading tools needed
1:19 Which currency pair to trade?
1:43 Instructions on how to apply indicators
2:27 Why we use EMA to scalp?
2:41 RSI tool for hidden divergence
2:49 Stochastic crossover
2:54 Why trade on DEMO first?
3:07 Buy trade example, rules to follow
5:10 Importance of Risk/Reward ratio
5:33 Sell trade example, rules to follow
7:11 How to exit the trade?
8:00 My own profits
8:11 Outro

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* Further video description*

I’ll discuss the primary approach and how to implement it, as well as what to avoid and how to improve while scalping forex markets.

By displaying two different trading possibilities (buy and sell), you will be able to understand how to follow the instructions in order to generate significant profits each time you apply this strategy.

Even if you are a beginner, it is essential to have some kind of trading strategy. Risk management, a fair risk-reward ratio, and a positive mindset are all necessary components of being a good trader.