Best Forex Indicator: 90% Of Traders Forget How Powerful This Actually Is… forex ฟอเร็กซ์

Today you will discover what I believe is the forex best indicator on MT4 & tradingview, traders especially newbies search for forex best indicators all the time, however, eventually, they realize simplicity is really the best when it comes to trading the forex markets. forex indicators should not be confusing, and having too many of them will only give you a headache, today ill show you what I personally use and many other traders when it comes down to choosing the right forex trading indicators.

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0:00 – Intro
0:30 – What Is It
1:04 – Candlesticks
1:20 – Setting Up Indicator
2:12 – How Indicator Acts Example
2:34 – Crosses Do Happen
2:45 – Should We Enter Short?
3:06 – Don’t Fall For The Trap
3:32 – EURUSD Confirmations
4:06 – EURUSD Different Timeframes
4:49 – Add Two More Indicators
5:03 – Indicator Works Both Ways Example
5:33 – Quick Recap What We Learned So Far
6:17 – To Enter & Profit On EURUSD Example
6:52 – Some LIVE trading Analysis USDJPY
8:05 – Live Trade Results MT4
8:37 – Leave A Like, Join Our Group & Outro

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*Additional Description*

We will discuss why I believe the best forex indicator is the moving averages more accurately: the 25 & 50 period moving averages. These two indicators combined with a little price action and fundamental analysis is the key to a successful forex account. I have built numerous accounts using this simple forex indicator, yet when you truly understand how it works, it becomes a very useful tool to analyse the forex markets and gain real-time trading signals to be utilized by traders around the world. So sit back and enjoy this high-quality video, and if you enjoy them make sure to leave a comment and a like to let me know, you want more : )