Forex Historical Data – How to Export Properly for EA Studio finviz forex

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Forex historical data is a free lecture from the course Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading – the Revolution. You can find the complete course below:

This video is part of the first edition of the Cryptocurrency trading course. The second edition was launched in 2020 and you can find it here:

Forex historical data is an essential first step in algorithmic trading. Building strategies over the Forex historical data gives the possibility to see real results and statistics for the Expert Advisors. 

In this cryptocurrency course, Petko Aleksandrov, the Head Trader at EA Forex Academy, shows how exactly the Forex historical data should be exported from the trading broker. He provides a free script that can be used for Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5.

Also, you will learn the steps to build your own strategies over the exported Forex Historical data with the strategy builder EA Studio. 

The free script for Forex historical data can be found in the tools of EA Builder. This software is web-based, which allows the trader to use it from any device with the internet.

It has many features as a generator, reactor, Multi-Market, Monte Carlo, optimizer, etc. These tools are handy, but if they are used over the right Forex historical data. What does means right Forex historical data?

This is the Forex historical data from the broker where the strategies are going to be used. When connected to the server of the broker via Meta Trader, the trader has access to the Forex historical data. What he needs to do before using the script is to press the Home Key and hold. This forces Meta Trader to load more Forex Historical data. This should be done on all time frames. After that, the platform needs to be left open, so it will collect more Forex Historical data with time.

The problem is that when a new trading account is opened, the brokers do not provide huge Forex historical data. That causes creating strategies that are over-optimized for a short period. The strategy builder will work on a small number of bars, and the strategy robustness will fail with time. 

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Forex Historical Data – How to Export Properly for EA Studio finviz forex