Forex Raptor – Forex Software Scam Of The Week! Retitled How To Win In Forex Without Trying


Well folks…

Today’s scam review is for Forex Raptor. The Forex Raptor is a program developed by a well experienced trader by the name of Steven Lee Jones. He has done some remarkable trades in his day, not as good as George Soros tearing down the bank of England good, but somewhere towards that.

Not too long ago, I was doing my usual search for Forex Scams, and I found this product called the Forex Raptor. Being a pathetic, no good trader who only wins a few pips here and there on scalp trading, I wanted to find out more about his product.

Like the usual suspects, I expected the program to be some glorified signal in a box solution. Just type or import the OHLC numbers into the program, and watch a buy/sell signal generate. Shockingly, for this software solution, that was just not the case! With some further reading, I found out a good thing, that separates this from the rest. The Forex Raptor Integrates and Interacts with Metatrader 4. Now that is something I have never seen before in a forex signal or software product EVER!

Not only this program promises that you will not have to do as much technical analysis, but you will be able to use Forex Raptor to make automated and manual trades. That is right, you don’t have to make the positions if you do not want to as the computer can place trades.

So For Metatrader 4 Traders, the news is out! A simple to install and implement solution is out there.