Forex Robot Auditor Software That Tests the FX Robot and Optimizes it Saving You From Junk EAs


Almost daily now you will find a new forex robot hitting the market. If not daily then at least in a week, you can find many new expert advisor (EA) promotions hitting your email inbox. Most of these forex robot vendors are not satisfied with one email. You will get a sequence of emails from these vendors and their affiliates begging you some how to buy their Expert Advisor.

First, if the EA has been so successful trading forex, why would the robot developer need to make money by selling the robot. But there are some genuine EAs in the market that do show very good performance. Trading with a robot is not that easy as you will be told by these vendors.

You have to learn a lot of things in order to start making money with an expert advisor. First, you should know about forex trading and something about technical analysis, after that you should be familiar with the MT4 or what is the MetaTrader Platform. You should be able to backtest the robot as well as forward test it.

Here many people fail. They find it difficult to backtest a forex robot. If you don’t test an expert advisor thoroughly, you don’t know how well it is going to trade live. Testing can give you a lot of information about the behavior of the robot under the live market conditions.

But, you don’t have to worry more. Uriel Katz, an expert advisor enthusiast and a forex trader has developed a Forex Robot Auditor Software that does all the testing for you. This Forex Robot Auditor Software can tell you after testing which robot is good and which one is junk.

Forex trading is all about testing a strategy, system or an EA thoroughly before you try to trade live with it. Testing reduces risk and saves you from burning your hard earned money. This software is a must have tool if you are serious about trading with a robot.

You don’t have to waste your time and money on a robot that is junk. You can test a lot of things about an expert advisor using this Auditor Software. This software can help you a lot in finding out junk EA before you even burn your time and money on it. Plus, you can use it to optimize the performance of a good robot by up to 450%. This is something very important to understand. Many expert advisors are good but need to be optimized further in order to get good results. This Forex Robot Auditor Software will help you do that too!