Gallstones Homeopathic Treatment – Passing Your Gallstones Naturally and Painlessly

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Gallstones homeopathic treatment has been a popular internet search lately. Thousands of people will choose to pass their gallstones naturally instead of removing their gallbladder. Many doctors are even encouraging their patients to try gallstone homeopathic remedies before removing their gallbladder. This is mostly because removing your gallbladder, an organ, increases your risk of colon and bowel cancers.

A homeopathic treatment has been used for centuries but only recently has researched revealed their validity. This treatment works by employing a minute dose of natural medicines to treat the disease while alleviating pain and discomfort.

This treatment is growing in popularity around the world and is based on the principle ‘like can treat like’. Therefore, homeopathic remedies contain a small amount of substance that might cause symptoms that a patient wants to address. However, because of the small dosage the body works to treat the symptoms which are hindering the body. With time, the disease will then by cured by the body.

A Gallstone Homeopathic Remedy

Upon ingestion, your body will recognize the homeopathic substance as toxins. The body will then begin to naturally treat itself by boosting the immunity to fight off the infection or disease. But because the doses are so small, the immunity of the body becomes more effective to fight off future toxins and any ailments.

There are many gallstones homeopathic treatments for gallstones and you should choose carefully according to your symptoms. You can find any of these treatments at any natural health store or vitamin store.

To begin your treatment for gallstones, you should select a low potency. Consider starting with 6 c or 30c remedy. Usually you will need to supplement the remedy between 2 – 4 times per day depending on the instruction on the bottle.

Alternative Remedies for Gallstones

1. Berberis Vulgaris – This alternative treatment is recommended for individuals who have the following symptoms: stitching pains that extend from the stomach area to the shoulder; twinges of sharp pain in the groin and pelvic area; increased pain when standing up or changing positions; and constipation.

2. Calcarea Carbonica – This treatment is recommended for individuals who have the following symptoms: bloated or swollen stomach area, particularly on the right side; cutting pains and tenderness; pain worsens when standing or when tired, and pain improves when lying on one side; often fatigued and sluggish; and excessive craving for sweets.

3. Chelidonium majus – This treatment is recommended for individuals who have the following symptoms: pain that is located in the back, right shoulder, and shoulder-blade; a distended abdomen; worse pain when moving; lying on the left with the legs drawn up helps alleviate pain; nausea, especially after eating fat or drinking cold beverages; and exhaustion.

4. Colocynthis – This treatment is recommended for individuals who symptoms include: sharp cramping pains causing a person to double over in pain; pain in the upper right abdomen that radiates into the shoulder; and increased intensity of symptoms in the evening.