LAW How to Apply the Law of Attraction for Highly Sensitive People

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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself, is drawn. In other words, the thoughts you have, if you think it long enough, other vibrational thoughts alike will be attracted to it. Those who speak of being broke are always broke and those who speak of prosperity have more prosperity. Even feeling and speaking of the “lack” of something that you want will attract more lack of it. If you want a companion but you focus your attention on feeling lonely, you will attract more feelings of loneliness. The saying, misery loves company is Law of Attraction in action. The point is, until you can think and speak of other subjects, you will continue experiencing the same things.

In order to attract that which you seek, you must come from a place of non-resistance. It is easier to have consistent good thoughts in the absence of resistance. Resistance is any feelings of doubt, fear, worry, anger, resentment, jealousy, or any negative feelings that you hold towards any subject in your life be it unresolved issues, bad relationships, bad childhood, or internal conflicts. It has served its purpose which is to know what you don’t want so that you give birth to what you do want. Do you want stories or do you want results? If you want results then stop telling the same stories to validate your current situation. The more you continue telling yourself or others “what-is” the more you attract “what-is”.

About HSPs

First and foremost, being highly sensitive is a trait and not a choice. Medical studies have shown that an hsp’s brain fire different neural pathways in response to the same stimuli compared to a nonhsp. There is no magic pill that an hsp can take to biologically alter the trait. For those who are thinking of applying the Law of Attraction in hopes to phase out their sensitivity will beat themselves up before even succeeding. It’s like wanting to have green eyes when you clearly have brown eyes. How you can thrive is by applying the Law of Attraction to bring out the best in you as a highly sensitive person.

How an HSP Can Apply the Law of Attraction

If you continue telling yourself or others, “I am too sensitive to do that” or “my sensitivity limits me to only do this” – then you are right-you are too sensitive to handle more. When you avoid people, situations, or things that you fear may overwhelm your sensitivity then by the law of attraction, those very challenges will intensify. Your inner world that encompasses your mind, body, and soul becomes more fragile which then mirrors your outer world. For example, your body can’t handle certain foods it once could, or you develop autoimmune disorders, indigestion, ulcers, low energy, or you experience mood swings and anxiety-the symptoms go on. By focussing your energy on the challenges they become more challenging! Instead, entertain good thoughts that you are highly compassionate, empathetic, intuitive, intelligent, artistic, creative, spiritual, and so forth and the universe will yield to you those magnificent life experiences associated with those qualities. Through the law of attraction your thoughts and feelings become your reality. And only then can people start to see and appreciate the best in you as a highly sensitive person.


You are a highly sensitive being that is capable of so much more if you choose to embrace the trait and expand beyond. Your centre of attraction is always about the way you feel at any moment. The past is history, the future has yet to come, but how you feel now paves way towards your future. So the power is in the present and now is the time to start honouring your sensitivity so that you can thrive in this world-one good thought at a time.