LAW How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Save a Relationship?


People are using the law of attraction to manifest all kinds of things: wealth, health, happiness. But can you use it to save your failing relationship? Of course it can. Just like you can use the law of attraction to manifest love out of thin air, it can also be used to revitalize your flagging relationship. Here’s how.

First, familiarize yourself with the basics of the law of attraction. No matter what you’re looking for, the process is basically the same. You need to focus your consciousness on your desire, then concentrate on send that message to the universe. The universe then responds in kind, through a natural law called the law of attraction.

If you’d like to manifest a better relationship with your spouse or significant other, then you need to start working with the law of attraction. It is the most powerful law you can imagine, and having it on your side is absolutely essential.

The law of attraction operates on the concept that everyone has an energy. To the universe, we are all just energies walking around – good, bad, and ugly. Everything you say, think, and do decides what kind of energy you are sending out. And good things are attracted to good energies, bad things to bad energies. So the key with the law of attraction is to cultivate a good energy that will draw good things to you – in this case, a revival of your most important relationship.

How do you cultivate this positive energy? You’ll simply need to watch yourself carefully, being honest with yourself about your bad habits and committing to changing negative thought patterns. Instead of griping to yourself about your partner’s faults, concentrate on their good points. Look for what they did right rather than what they did wrong. Outside of your relationship, try to be a good friend and encourage others. Avoid critical people and the temptation to be critical yourself.

When you’re projecting a positive energy, then good things will naturally come to you. But you need some sort of a mechanism to control what good things come to you. You can decide specifically what the universe gives to you, by controlling what you are asking for.

In order to start asking for a better relationship, focus on your wish for a better relationship. Think about it daily. Visualize having that better relationship and more importantly, how it will make you feel when you have it. If you feel as if you already have that vibrant love in your life, then you’re asking the universe to give it to you. It will, in no uncertain terms, respond to your request.

When all is said and done, it is the people we love that truly matter. What more worthy object could you have in using the law of attraction? Manifesting the powerful love you want back in your relationship can happen with the law of attraction. Cultivate an energy that will attract what you want, and focus and sharpen your wishes with visualization and thought exercises.