LAW How to Use Daydreaming With the Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction works through the principles of like attracts like. So basically, whatever you are thinking about and focusing on, you attract more of the same to you.

When things are going reasonably well for you, it’s quite easy to focus on the next step and to be able to see how you can make the move upwards to reach your next goal. When things aren’t going so well though, and all that you can see around you is chaos and worry, it’s really hard to see how you will ever be able to move beyond the mess. You look around at your daily life and because that’s all you can see, it’s all you focus on. So without consciously changing your thoughts and focus, the universe will just keep sending you more of the same.

So how can you easily change your focus when you are feeling so despaired? Daydream!

Daydreaming is something we have all done from time to time. We imagine what life would be like if we won lotto, if we had the perfect partner or the perfect job. We see our lives the way we would love them to be.

The great thing is that your subconscious mind can’t distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, and so your energy vibration changes simply by thinking about something.

You would have experienced a time in your life when you perceived a threat to your safety and your body has responded to that thought. Your heart started beating faster, the adrenalin starting pumping through your body and you may have even started to sweat. In the end there was no real danger to you at all. Your body did all of these things just because you had the thought that there was danger; and not because danger really was out there.

So, if our bodies can react like that to our thoughts, why wouldn’t you want to use your thoughts to allow your body and energy vibrations to attract to you what you’d really like.

All you need to do is start daydreaming. See yourself living the life that you’d really like to, instead of one with the things you aren’t liking in your life right now.

Daydreaming is an easier step than creating visualisations and expectations when you are too far away from where you’d like to be, because daydreaming doesn’t have to seem real to you. You don’t have to believe it’s going to happen, because you are just daydreaming. But by daydreaming you are moving your focus and awareness away from what’s happening in your life now that you’re not liking, to something that may be possible one day that you do want.

So just by doing that you’re changing your vibration and making the first step in creating your new reality.

Just remember though, that daydreaming about something once or twice is not going to have much of an impact on your energy vibration. To create a real shift in your energy levels, your daydreaming needs to happen on a regular basis and with lots of detail in it. So whenever you get a spare moment throughout your day, or whenever you can feel you’re focusing on what’s wrong with your day, get out your daydream and create your new reality.