LAW How to Use the Universal Law of Polarity

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You know about the Law of Attraction. But did you know there are other Universal Laws as well? Understanding them can help us expand our creative power as we go through our lives.

One of those laws is the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity states: There is an equal and exact opposite to everything. Nothing exists alone. Forces exist as pairs of opposites.

This quote from Hiram Pagan, may help you further understand the Universal Law of Polarity:

” Everything can be separated into two wholly opposite parts, and each of those still contains the potentiality of the other.”

Think yin/yang symbol. One cannot exist without the other. Each is contained within the other.

Simply put, we live in duality: up-down, left-right, light-dark, good-bad, day-night, healthy-ill, cold-hot, north-south, positron-electron.

Duality teaches us what we prefer to experience and helps us recognize how to change our thinking to create that preferred experience in our lives. We know we prefer happiness because we’ve experienced sorrow. We like health because we’ve experienced illness.

Most of us are somewhere along the spectrum of polarity on most subjects.

So how do we use this in our lives?

Take a look any situation in your life and ask, “How are you thinking and behaving around that situation?”

When you find yourself in a negative experience or state of mind, you’re focusing on one end of the polarity. Why hang around only at the negative end? You can always choose to focus on the positive.

If you are experiencing the negative end, first look at what it is teaching you. Once learned, turn your attention to the positive end you want to experience.

So, for example, you may be thinking, “I hate my job. I don’t feel fulfilled or happy.”

What are you learning from this? Perhaps that you’d prefer to do something that you enjoy and something that has meaning for you. Very simply, you want to love your job and feel like it matters. You want to look forward to what you do every day. Perhaps this field is not a good match for you. You may not be acting in harmony with your authentic self, or honoring yourself.

So, what are your alternatives? Start exploring the things you know you enjoy and what is important to you. Begin focusing your attention on the opposite of what you’re experiencing now-how would it feel to look forward to your work every day and know you’re making an impact? Focus your energy and attention on that.

Action steps that could form from this could be making plans to go back to school or take some form of certification training. It could be seeing where you could make changes in your current position, or updating your resumé to apply for different jobs, while holding the expectation that your desires will manifest.

You can do the same with relationships, your finances, health issues-anything.

Your desire is the positive polarity you want to experience and your expectation that you can achieve it is what brings it to you. The positive expectation is what puts you in vibrational harmony with what you want to attract.

Experiencing what we don’t want is the catalyst that wakes us up to what we do want.