LAW Law of Attraction Anger Technique


Anger is energy. When you are angry, you have access to tremendous power. However, when you believe in your anger, you give your power away.

In this brief article I’d like to show you another way to deal with anger so that you harvest the vital energy that it offers.

The Benefit of Anger

Medicinal herbs that grow wild are called weeds. And yet, when harvested they perform miracles.

Anger, unharvested, is a weed. It interferes with your intentions. It blocks your joy. Anger, harvested, puts a motor on your boat, wind in your sails, a tiger in your tank.

How do you harvest anger?

Just like a wild herb, you must first know how to recognize it. That means that when you are angry, you must notice that you are angry.

This may seem obvious but lets look at a subtle distinction. Usually, when you are angry you may not really think you are angry. You may think you are right — with lots of enthusiasm!

When you can truly say, “I am angry,” you are no longer talking about the other person and all the terrible things they did. You are now talking about yourself. You are talking about your state. This is the beginning of the first stage of harvesting your anger. You have separated your reaction from the act of the offender. Good work.

Find the Desire

The second step is to realize that the intensity of your anger is telling you about the intensity of a desire that you have. And while that desire is strong, you perceive something or someone as blocking you from its fulfillment. So the anger is the photographic negative of the desire. It is an emotional snapshot of the lack of what is wanted. And if the desire is very strong, the contrast is very sharp.

Anger-Fueled Affirmations

The third step is to do a walking meditation. Now that you know the desire that is being obstructed and you know the intensity of the desire, you can find a word – one word or phrase – that summarizes the desire. Walk with all the energy of your anger. As each foot meets the ground, let it speak that simple affirmation and let it reverberate through your body.

How John Transforms his Anger

Here is an example. Someone lied to John. He is very angry. He feels betrayed. He lost money in this transaction and he also feels he lost a friend. He begins feeling rage and can only think about how wrong his friend was and how right he is.

Here is how John works with this:

1 – He recognizes that he is angry. He understands that his anger is serving a purpose and moving him higher than despair on the emotional scale (as taught by Abraham-Hicks). He also knows that if he stays in anger, he is giving his power to the one who he believes wronged him. More importantly, he is letting his power leak away from him. His power is in a useless form.

2 – He sees that his anger is very intense and that his strongest desire is to have trust in his friendship. He also wants his money back.

3 – He looks for which is the strongest desire in this. He goes back and forth between money and trust. Finally, he senses that trust is his more profound desire. He chooses the word trust. He now goes for a walk.

4 – Since he is still authentically angry, he walks fast and hard. He stomps with each step. His face is tense. His hands are clenched tightly in his pockets. With each step he allows trust to reverberate through him. As his mind goes to the betrayal he brings it back to the pure feeling he knows as trust. The feeling of trusting a friend lets his mind randomly wander to moments and people when he had trust. Eventually his face softens. His hands unclench. His anger gradually morphs into excitement and enthusiasm. He walks to the point of exhaustion.

With this activity, John:

  • Took back his power
  • Harvested his anger
  • Set Law of Attraction into motion for trustworthy friends (rather than staying focused on the anger and having Law of Attraction bring more betrayal).

You can do this too. The next time you are angry, begin to take your power back and let Law of Attraction help you to shift your manifestation.