LAW Law of Attraction Lesson – How a Smile Can Help You Manifest What You Want


Everyone knows that a smile has certain health benefits. Smiling relieves stress, boosts the immune system, and improves your mood.  But can a smile help you manifest what you want?  YES, It certainly can…especially when you create it in others.

Creating smiles is a secret weapon of expert manifesters.  They go out of their way to create smiles in the people around them, knowing that it will improve their manifesting success.  If you’re not sure how this could work, here are some reasons why it makes sense to create smiles wherever you go:

  • Smiles are contagious – Remember one of the rules of manifesting is to feel good about what you want.  If you make someone else smile even if you’re feeling a little down, chances are high that you’ll catch it yourself.
  • People who are smiling are generally more agreeable – In manifesting the Universe often brings us what we want through the people around us.  The happier those people are the more eager they’ll be to help you.
  • Smiles diffuse tense situations – Sometimes things heat up a bit and even expert manifesters forget to go with the flow.  Getting the other person to smile, or even laugh, diffuses the tension and allows for a more positive solution to whatever caused it.
  • It promotes the view that the world is a safe and caring place – This may not seem to have immediate benefits to you, but the more people see the world as safe and caring, the more they will act accordingly.  Which makes it so.
  • It comes back to you in unforeseen ways – You make someone smile, who then goes out and makes another smile, who goes out and does it again, it creates a chain reaction that can eventually lead right back to you.  For instance someone may offer you free concert tickets because they’re in a good mood.  And they may be in a good mood because someone made them smile.  And that person may have made them smile because someone else first made them smile.  And so on until it leads back to that very first smile you created.
  • It tells the Universe You Expect a Happy, Smiling Reality –  In manifesting our expectations carry more weight than our words.  And expectations coupled with actions are even more powerful.  So when you create smiles you’re telling the Universe through your actions that this is the kind of world you expect to live in.  And the Universe will deliver just that.

As you can see, creating smiles in others is an excellent way to manifest more of what you want.  And it’s so easy to do too.  Just a few kind words are often all it takes and you’ll have people grinning from ear to ear in no time!