LAW Law Of Detachment – Flowing With God


There is another Law in conscious creation of reality that is as equally important to understand as the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Detachment. It is this Law that gives the crucial distinction in utilizing the Law of Attraction successfully. The Law of Detachment is complimentary to the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Detachment says that in order to successfully attract something, you must be detached to the outcome. If you are attached, you project negative emotions of fear, doubt, or craving which actually attracts the opposite of your desire. You are operating from a position of worry, fear and doubt rather than serenity, trust and faith. Of course there are times when negative emotions are meant to be felt and acted upon, but your dominant emotions should be positive ones.

Let go and let God. Anything you want can be acquired through detachment, because detachment is based on resting in the complete grace of God and knowing that He is always working everything through you and together for your greatest good. To be detached is to realize that everything good is from God and nothing at all is from you. It is God doing it through you and the other elements in your reality so there’s nothing to hold on to as your own, all you have to do is to have the right beliefs and let God do it.

Ease and perfection of action depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the consciousness. You have to take your conscious mind off it in order to let your subconscious mind take over. The pilot and the autopilot cannot control the plane at the same time. You have to let go in order to let God take over. To detach is to allow the universe to bring your desire into manifestation whichever way is best for you. When you are detached, your desires will manifest much faster.

To be attached means to be powerless because what you attach yourself to, you give your power to it. When you look to outside sources to bring you fulfillment, you are giving your power away. When you are looking to something outside yourself for power and happiness, you are making something other than your true self your source. Detach knowing that whatever you detach from has no power over you, but you have complete power over it.

Attachment to anything will always create insecurity no matter how much of it you have. In fact, some of the people who have the most of what they want are the most insecure. Attachment to something makes you wonder if you will keep having it or if your may lose it. Insecurity causes unhappiness.

The search for security and certainty is actually an attachment to the known. There’s no evolution in that, absolutely none at all. And when there is no evolution, there is stagnation, entropy, disorder, and disintegration.

Uncertainty and the unknown is the field of all possibilities or pure potential. It is ever fresh, ever new, always open to the creation of new manifestations. It is the realm of pure creativity and freedom. When you are attached, your intention gets locked into a rigid mindset and you lose the fluidity, the flexibility, and the spontaneity inherent in the field of pure potential.

When you experience uncertainty, you are on the right path so don’t give it up. You don’t need to have a complete and rigid idea of what you’ll be doing next week or next year, because if you have a very clear idea of what’s going to happen and you get rigidly attached to it, then you shut out a whole range of possibilities. Realize that there is an infinite intelligence working alongside your own and it is the one that can bring you a better way or more worthwhile experience. All you have to do is state your intentions and desires and detach from the how and when they manifest.

Are there times when you want to work something out, but yet the more you try to work it out, the worse it gets? When God works, it is effortless. God arranges the situations for you when you are not in it, so that when you step in, you experience the blessings. It is so much better to depend on God than to depend on your own strength. Unless the Lord builds the house, they that labor do so in vain. What you can control, you should control. What you can’t control, you should let go and let God. When you trust God, everything is under control.

God will never deny our request because whatever we want for ourselves we can manifest. But to experience nonresistance and effortless accomplishment, we must surrender to the will of the Universe who only wants for us nothing but the best for we are the beloved children of the Creator who wants us to have it all. As Jesus reminds us, “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

You may have the intention of going in a certain direction but between point A and point B there are infinite possibilities. With uncertainty factored in, you might change direction in any moment if you find a higher ideal, or something more worthwhile pursuing. You are also less likely to force solutions on problems, which enables you to stay alert to opportunities. One door seems closed, but there is another open. What you want can always come in another way. God never closes a door without opening another one, so we need to stay alert to see whatever new opportunities life presents us.

Imagine you found a job you’re looking for. It looks like the job you want, and it appears the odds are in your favor as you move from interview to interview within the office, yet at the last minute they choose to hire someone else. If you are detached then you trust that another opportunity, the right opportunity is on its way. However, if you are so attached to getting that job for whatever reason, you cause yourself lots of anxiety and stress if you don’t get it, which means you are looking for this job as an outside source to fulfill you on some level.

The Law of Detachment accelerates the whole process of evolution. When you understand this law, you don’t feel compelled to force solutions. When you force solutions on problems, you only create new problems. But when you wait patiently and in faith, the right solution will arise on its own. Confusion is the doorway to a new understanding. Order will emerge from the chaos.

We must have goals otherwise we are denying our inner desires, cutting ourselves off from growth and development. Goals inspire us to live, create and move forward. If we are not doing this, we are dying on the inside. We want to embrace desires and intentions but we just don’t want to cling to them. Of course, we all want to realize our goals and desires, however if realizing them is the source of our well-being, the source of our happiness or worthiness we will fail!

We have all heard of or know the classic stereotypes called overachievers who appear to have it all, the money, the fame, the status, only to be miserable on the inside. They’ve been setting and realizing goals all their lives, and are still miserable.

This is why detachment is so crucial. When you don’t have to have this thing in order to be well, or be happy, then you can let go and enjoy the process. Understand it is the process that is the joy, because the minute we realize our goal, we are going to be setting new goals. There is no realization of any goal that is going to be the completion of us, once we realize one goal we are going to keep moving forward, we are evolutionary beings. I am sure you have all experienced this. There is no way that the realization of goals is the source of our peace of mind or wholeness.

The purpose of life is growth. Life without progress becomes unbearable. It is the cycle of continuous progress that makes us happy. We are Energy Beings and energy is always in motion. To live is to keep moving and flowing. When we stop we die. Nothing rests, everything moves. Only at the highest rate of movement where God is flowing continually in us is there rest.

We learn from the law of attraction that all we experience is the result of what we feel. When we feel undesirable feelings, we attract undesirable experiences. Realize that when we feel undesirable feelings, it is because we are in a state of attachment to certain things that create those feelings. Break away from the attachment, stop worrying and bothering about it. Have not a care, act like it doesn’t matter and your feelings will be liberated to more positive ones of fun, joy and peace.

The truth about States in NLP is really all about being in or out of alignment with your Higher Self. When you are in alignment, you experience all your desired states such as happiness, confidence, freedom, joy, peace, fulfillment, empowerment. When you are not in alignment, you experience all your undesired states such as worry, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, weakness, frustration, depression and disempowerment. So in essence, there are only two states, a state of alignment and a state of misalignment.

The Higher Self is the divine and universal aspect of God in us. Paul says “in my flesh wells nothing good”, but not “in my spirit”. Our spirit is the universal spirit of God. The image of God.

No one else can take the place of your center except two persons. Christ in you and you in Christ. Anyone else that is close the center of your heart can only be allowed to orbit around the center and not placed in it. You are not to be attached to anyone or anything. To be in a state of non-attachment is to be like God. God is unattached to everything, he allows his creation to be free. If it wasn’t so, He wouldn’t give anything free will.

Have not a care in the world. Be free spirited and carefree. Have fun, play the game. Remember there are no rules and there are no limits. Just have the attitude of doing something and then seeing what happens. Be in a position where you have nothing to lose. We are beings of evolution. It doesn’t matter whether the past experience was good or not. Keep moving on to the next one.

Some of the best things you desire just seem to happen to you when you are in a total “I don’t give a damn” mode. And while it is happening, it is no big deal to you and it doesn’t matter. But you acknowledge the paradox of what’s going on in the situation, that you get what you want when you don’t really seem to want it.

Be insistent yet detached. You focus on what you want, expecting it to happen and even when it didn’t happen, it doesn’t matter. Have a detached involvement. There is a fine line between caring in a detached way and being truly uncaring. Just like there is a fine line between perfect good and perfect evil. Because the opposite ends of a polarity spectrum are really just next to each other.

Detachment does not mean we feel nothing. Detachment is not apathy or indifference. Detachment feels freeing! When we are successfully detached from the outcome we feel like the Universe has our back, like all is well, like we can trust in our greater good, like we are absolutely certain that all that we desire is already ours. It is essential to intentional creation to get into a feeling place of peaceful expectation that what we want is already at hand. As long as we are ‘attached’ we will continue to focus on the negative aspects of what we don’t want and the fears that come up as we doubt our ability to manifest.

Do not engage in something if it is the only option you feel you have. You are being attached. You will be disappointed and mentally shifted out of alignment with your center, if the thing you want to do is not available for one reason or another at the time you want to do it. Create several other good options to take on in place of it at the time as well before you choose to engage in it. When you go ahead and do it in that manner, you will most likely get what you want because your energies are right.

Enlightenment is a state of non-attachment. It is the realization that all suffering is burning energy on the uncontrollable. To be unattached is emotional freedom and psychological stability. Keep you thoughts flowing. As long as there is flow, there is abundance. The moment you rest at any place, you stagnate and there is lack.

We are beings of evolution. When we accomplish goals, we set new goals. We either progress or regress, we never stand still. We feel like we are dying if we are not growing, and collapsing if we are not expanding. When you keep advancing, your intelligence and knowledge will be in effect. When you become attached, your intelligence and knowledge will be of no effect.

To be in grace is to live in the truth that all things flow from God through you and so there is nothing to cling on to as yours. To be under the law is to be enslaved by the yoke of bondage which is attachment. To be attached is to fall from grace because you are trying to hold on to emptiness and are no longer flowing. When you are attached, Christ your Higher Self is of no effect unto you. When you are detached, you acknowledge that you are using God’s power and not your own.

The more you are unattached, the more you allow God to flow in you and the more rapidly your desires will manifest because your Energy and vibrations are more aligned with the flow of God’s Energy and therefore that which you desire in your life.

It is an enlightened way of living your life. You have to let go and trust that life itself is taking you to the things you desire. As you let go and trust, you feel different, you radiate a different vibration to the world, and better things and experiences come to you Again, the whole secret is in learning to simply let go.

Learn to follow the quiet voice within that speaks in feelings rather than words. Follow what you hear inside, rather than what others may be telling you to do. The universe itself will act to move you to what you want, and move what you want to you. All you have to do is let go, while acting on your inner prompts. Let go of fear, doubt, worry, disappointment, and any other negative emotion that might make you feel low.

Being unattached gives you the ability to drop whatever it is you are focusing upon at the moment and focus on something new. It makes you able to switch your concentration from one thing to another. It keeps your consciousness in flow and not fixed at any spot so it can be free and spontaneous in experiencing unfoldment.

Effectively applying the law of attraction requires both desire and acceptance. Practicing the law of detachment is how we can accept and expect what we desire. The two laws work harmoniously to support us in effectively applying the power of our minds and the universal laws of creation.

Every problem you experience in life is an opportunity for you to gain precious awareness that you do not already possess. A problem is an experience with a lesson to learn. The lesson contains the valuable awareness that will increase the sum total of your soul’s knowledge, that empowers you to a greater level of living and being. The key to learning the lesson is in perception and lateral thinking. Be flexible and have an open mind. You will find the solution that you are happy with.

We are all instruments of God whether yielded or unyielded. When we are yielded, we are of more use and become more powerful instruments and also enjoy the process with greater happiness. Do not care, just surrender yourself to the flow of God. It is flowing all the time and when you are ready, it will flow through you. When you are detached, you are trusting and surrendering to God. Anytime you are not detached, you are not trusting, not surrendering and not yielding to God.

The law of detachment explains why productivity increases when a person takes frequent breaks from work. Being able to constantly walk away from what you are doing puts you in a state of rest and thereby able to continuously reconnect with the flow of God by keeping your energy in motion and your mind afresh. You may have stepped out from the flow for a while and feel lost and break in momentum, but the flow is always there and you can step back into it again and it will be perfect.