LAW Lifelock Vs Lexington Law

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There are a lot of problems that are troubling the world today and one of them is the identity theft. When you are looking to protect your identity, you will probably use the services of one of the best companies in that area – Lifelock. On the other hand, if you want to repair the damage done to your credit score after identity theft, you will probably use the services of credit repair companies such as Lexington Law. In that article I will try to find out whether it is better to protect your identity or use the services of credit Repair Company.

• With Lifelock, you can take the matters in your own hands and do not allow your identity to be stolen. The customers of that company can be sure that they will be notified in case their personal information is used to gain credit or a loan for example. If you tell Lifelock, that you are not applying for such credit or loan products, they will notify the authorities and also they will take actions to prevent the criminals for receiving those products. The best thing about Lifelock is that in case there is any damage done to your credit score due to identity theft, you will receive 1 million dollars to repair that damage. With Lifelock, you can be sure that your personal information will not be sold over the internet and also the company will reduce the amount of credit junk mail that you receive, which on the other hand will reduce the opportunities for the criminals to take advantage of your credit score. Finally, if your wallet gets stolen, you can easily cancel and replace everything that you had in it. The prices for using the services of Lifelock are between $110 and $165 per year.

• With Lexington Law, you will receive counseling after the identity theft is done. That company is created in 1991 and since then they had served more than half million customers. Imagine who many people are victims of identity thefts. However, if you for some reason become a victim of such theft you can contact that company and get some of the best lawyers in the US working for you. The prices of the service plans offered by those companies are between $39.95 and $79.95 per month and the initial fee is $99.95.

When you read that article, you will probably notice that it is a lot better to prevent the identity theft from appearing than to use the services of Lexington Law to repair your credit score after the damage is done. Furthermore, the prices offered by Lexington Law are a lot higher, so you have to pay a lot of money to repair the financial damage that is already done to you. I think that it will be a lot better to use the cheaper services of Lifelock instead of those offered by Lexington Law, because you get a guarantee and also you will not have to worry about someone stealing your identity.