LAW Telekinesis – Law of Attraction

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Telekinesis has been regarded for years as fantasy or myth, and as of lately, even been considered a scam through the internet, for attention or publicity. Though, much like any other faith, or religion, it must be experienced, in order to believe. It is easy to point at something, and call it fake or illusion, just because you don’t understand it, or refuse to take a leap of “faith” in an area which is unfamiliar to you. Often peoples greatest comfort in these sorts of areas is science, but it in itself is a religion like others.

There is a distinct difference though, between conventional religion and science. Where those who point a finger, taking a stance next to science believing that all the facts have been accumulated and presented, showing a severe lack of evidence of telekinesis or any phenomenon like it. This is where the line is drawn. Those who point a finger, follow science, and science, never stops looking. A true scientist will acknowledge the possibility that somewhere out there, they could stumble upon evidence, even if what they have uncovered so far, suggests telekinesis isn’t likely.

That’s exactly what has happened. Evidence, is now present that Telekinesis, is not only plausible, but likely an occurrence, that happens on a daily basis. Quantum Physics has begun to take a look at the world, on a much, deeper level. Down to the very molecule, atom and even particle. It has discovered that everything in this world, is energy. Everything. From the chair that you sit on, the cup that you drink from, and the very thoughts that roll through your mind as you read this. All of them, are energy.

Along with this energy, each object that you see, has it’s own vibration. This vibration acts as information, which separates something like paper, from steel. Because of the distinct difference in vibration, the two act differently. This also accounts with thoughts. Your thoughts give off it’s own energy, and vibration. The more you think, the more you send out energy and vibrations.

This information is becoming quickly public and soon it will be common knowledge. In the law of attraction, it suggests that things that are alike, attract to one another. And if you give off energy and vibrations with a thought, then in essence, those thoughts will travel out, and attract other things that are similar to the ones you sent out. This is where Law of Attraction becomes very important.

Most people when they think about something, it’s often in a daydream. They dream about stuff they don’t have, but want. This sends out a vibration, which the information within it says, ‘You want something, but you don’t have it.’ Which returns to you something ‘You don’t have, but you want’. It’s an evil circle… Don’t feel bad though, we all do it. I daydream all the time about things I don’t have or want. But, I’m learning how to take that time in which I think and turn it into a visualization, and construct it in a manner, in which it will return to me, well, constructively.

When you think about Telekinesis, you need to think about it in a positive and constructive manner. For 2 reasons. 1 it will help return successful results to you. And 2, it will help program your subconscious to accept it more fully.

Remember to Use the Law of Attraction everywhere. It is an important part of Telekinesis, if you are pursuing it.