LAW The Law of Nonresistance – The 7th of the Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws

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Nonresistance – according to Merriam-Webster the definition for nonresistance is “the principles or practice of passive submission to constituted authority even when unjust or oppressive; also: the principle or practice of not resisting violence by force.” This definition of nonresistance seems to imply that the Law of Nonresistance would have something to do with loss or pain.

In reality following the Law of Nonresistance results in the opposite of pain. The practice of nonresistance actually empowers us, brings peace of mind, and works together with the other 11 Forgotten Laws to energize the Law of Attraction.

We’ve heard of using nonresistance of course. Mahatma Gandhi used nonresistance. But it’s doubtful that most of us are going to be called on to use the principles of nonresistance to free a nation. We do need however, to practice nonresistance in the area of thought and action.

Over and over again when studying the Law of Attraction and the 11 Forgotten Laws, we are reminded that we have to have discipline in watching our thoughts. I think it was Emmett Fox, one of the early teachers of the power of our thoughts, that said if we are told “don’t think of an elephant” what’s the first thing we think about? An elephant of course. To work with the Law of Nonresistance, we learn to discipline our thoughts. But instead of not thinking of something, we must train our minds towards something.

In our daily life, it seems natural to resist. When someone is opposing us in thought or action, our first reaction is to push back, try to win our point, make sure they know we are right. We may win the battle that way, but we seldom win the war and the next battle is on its way. Most of us have experienced what I just described. What we may not know is that the very energy of resistance sets up the attraction for the next fight.

The solution is what Emmett Fox calls the Golden Key. To gain victory, see good or God in everything and turn away from all thoughts that are not in harmony with Universal Truths. Learn to respond rather than react. This is actually a very powerful position from which to operate. Instead of siding ourselves with disharmony, the Law of Nonresistance connects us with well-balanced action. Aligning ourselves with harmony we are also aligning ourselves with the same energy that works with the Law of Attraction.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on the lesson on the Law of Nonresistance. Learn more about nonresistance and watch your life begin to flow with harmony and abundance.