LAW The Universal Law of Allowance


According to the law of allowance if you are willing to receive good things, you will receive them. But you must believe you can actually receive them. When you say yes to something or confirm it, you attract more of that something into your life because that is what you focused on. When you say no to something, you attract more of that something into your life because that is what you focused on! Try to be more consciously selective about what you choose to focus your attention on, rather of going into resistance about something you don’t desire or don’t concur with, alternate your ideas around to what you do want. Allow what you want to enter into your life, by yessing your way through life. Say YES to abundance, say YES to great relationships, say YES to work that you love, etc. You only job is to identify what you want, get in the feeling place of having it and then allowing it to flow into your life!

Your emotions are perpetually your template. Whenever you are in a place of feeling good, you are in a place of allowing. Nothing is more important than you feeling pleasant! Most people don’t know this, but 99.9999999% of your creation is already complete before you even see any evidence of it. When you trust with belief, it’s happening. When you trust with hope, it’s happening slower. When you trust with doubt, it’s so slow, you may as well forget about it!

When you desire something and you don’t trust it, it’s as good as not coming! When you desire something and hope, it’s coming — but you gotta be patient. When you desire something and you know it’s coming, patience isn’t an element because it’s coming rapidly enough that evidence is showing up all over the place. So your optimism is easy to experience when you see evidence.

Just remember, whatever you are focused on is what you attract more of also remember to have real trust that this works and that your desires, every single one of them, will come to you very soon. Once it does, I know that you will never turn back because you will see that this does work, you will be amazed, satisfied and happy. Then, and only then will you truly realize you can desire whatever you want, and actually receive it!