MT4 – How to Install It On Your Forex Server


In order to trade in Forex online, that too automatically, you need to buy a VPS and then install an expert advisor such as MT4 (Metatrader 4) on it. If you are new to the whole thing then here are some basic steps that you need to follow in order to install your expert advisor on your VPS.

1. Firstly you will have to buy a Windows VPS from your hosting provider who can provide you excellent services and can keep your VPS up and running 24/7. So you have to choose your hosting provider carefully so that you do not go wrong at the very first place.

2. Once you have signed up with a hosting company you will get an e-mail with your username and password along with an IP address.

3. Now open the Start menu and go to accessories, there you would find remote desktop connection. Click on it and a window appears.

4. Now enter your username and IP, which was given to you for your VPS, and click on connect. Now put the password given to you.

5. Now you are connected with your VPS and a windows desktop appears on your screen. Now you are ready to download your Metatrader4 on your mt4 VPS or forex server from your broker. Open the internet explorer, go to your broker’s website and click on the download link.

6. Now after downloading Metatrader4 on your VPS, you would want to put your expert advisor on your VPS. For this you will have to go to local resources tab in the remote desktop connection. Click on the option button, then on local resources tab followed by the More button which is under local devices. Now check on the Drive you want to share with your mt4 VPS and then click on OK button. So now you are ready to transfer files between your desktop and your Forex server.

7. Now install the expert advisor you wish to install in the Metatrader4 experts folder and then start its terminal.

8. Now you will have to attach the expert advisor to the charts, and your job is done.

9. In case you wish to auto run your Metatrader4 terminal then in that case you will have to create a shortcut in C:/DocumentsandSettings/Administrator/StartMenu/ProgramsStartup

10. Some web hosting companies allow you to download as many as 4 platforms. So for that you will have to change install directory to (for example in case of Alpari) C:Program FilesMetatrader 4 Alpari UK 2.

After going through the above steps you are all set to start your Forex Trading using your very own MT4 VPS.


Source by Neha Khanna