Natural Tonsillitis Treatment – Step 3


When dealing with tonsillitis and adenoiditis with natural treatments, two steps need to be taken care of before the third, final step. First, the channels of elimination (skin, liver, kidneys and bowels) need to be clear and functioning well to clear toxins. Second, the pain and swelling need to be handled and third, any infections need to be stopped. In the case of tonsillitis and adenoiditis the infections are actually the end process, not the beginning. Perhaps that is why antibiotics have so little effect on the illness.

The third step in natural treatment involves discovering which opportunistic infectious organisms have set up shop in the tonsillar crypts, lingual tissue or lingual palate…or further, such as into the ears, sinuses, throat or lungs. There are some really good anti-bacterials that are natural, such as goldenseal root, grapefruit seed extract and vitamin C. Some of the botanicals one might choose to treat tonsillitis are also anti-viral and a few are anti-fungal. Viral infections are best treated with something like lomatium and sambucus nigra (desert parsley and black elderberry). Colloidal silver has anti-bacterial and some anti-viral capacity as well. Pau d’Arco is anti-fungal, as is garlic, neem, black walnut, calendula and goldenseal.

A clue as to what organisms are infecting the tonsils and adenoids comes from the color of the exudates (pus)…yellow, green or rust-color are normally bacterial. Viral is usually clear and fungal is usually white, black, or green-black. The best thing to do is to obtain a culture and have it analyzed by a lab, to be sure that the treatment is appropriate to the organism. This is usually more of a problem with a pharmaceutical anti-biotic than a natural one, due to the specificity of the drugs.

The key to treatment in step three is that of identifying the best botanical or mix to treat the infective organisms while also boosting the immune system. Immune boosters include CoQ10, ashwaganda, garlic, black elderberry, vitamin C, licorice and many more. Some of the immune boosters are ‘tonic’ which means they should not be given during the illness, such as Echinacea. A tonic herb will make the severity of the illness less but will also tonify the illness, making the duration longer.

Another area of treatment that is often overlooked is that of supplying the proper mix of beneficial flora (bacteria) to the bowel. A good mix would be one that contains more than just acidophilus; generally eight of the flora found in the intestines of babies is recommended. The best type of probiotic is human, which colonizes the intestines after about two weeks. Bovine bacteria are flushed out with each bowel movement and need to be resupplied constantly.

The last step has to do with prevention, which hopefully would occur before step one but not always. Sometimes people have to get sick to realize more care should have been taken in the beginning. Keep the immune system strong, the emunctories clear and get proper rest and the likelihood of tonsillitis or adenoiditis is avoidable.

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