Simple DOUBLE RSI Trading Strategy For Day Trading Stocks and Forex | Ultimate RSI Indicator Tested forex

In this video, I will be sharing a Double RSI trading strategy for day trading and swing trading crypto, forex and stocks. The Relative Strength Index or RSI indicator is a very popular indicator. The problem with RSI is that many traders and investors do not use it correctly.
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For everyone that knows me I’m not a big lover of the RSI trading strategy. But this one seems to of worked out well. I spend hours everyday looking at strategies for trading and investing money to build passive income. This strategy seems to work well with the Heikin ashi trading strategy turned off.

RSI on same timeframe above 50
RSI on 12 hour timeframe above 60

RSI on same timeframe below 50
RSI on 12 hour timeframe below 40

Use ATR for Take profit or %

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00:00 Intro (very important)
01:05 The trading strategy setup
05:30 Code the Best Trading Strategy
08:30 Test 100+ times The RSI Trading Strategy
09:40 Important improvements

DISCLAIMER (read it please): Leverage trading is ONLY for EXPERIENCED TRADERS. If you Trade with a BOT from 3Commas on Bybit it does NOT mean you have no risk. You can still lose money if the Bot suddenly gets unprofitable.

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What is the RSI indicator?
How to plot RSI
Identify overbought and oversold areas
Double RSI confirmation.
Entry and Exits
Heikin ashi trading strategy
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