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Super Trend Trading Strategy Indicator tested to find the real win-rate and learn how to use the Supertrend Indicator properly in day trading and swing trading.
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Well, I tested supertrend indicator 100 times, and the results I found were pretty interesting. In this video, you will learn about the supertrend trading strategy, it’s real win rate, and some disadvantages I found after testing it 100 times. But first of all, if you haven’t watched my ATR indicator video, maybe considered watching it before this video, since Supertrend indicator relies on the ATR values to calculate its values. And maybe checkout other videos where i tested other trading indicators 100 times to find their real winrates. You can watch them on the official Trading Rush Website.

If you are new to trading, and have never heard of this indicator before, here’s how the popular Super Trend Indicator looks like. Now, on some trading platforms, super trend indicator can look a little bit different. But the basic indicator will look something like this.

A simple line that changes its color now and then. These colors are usually red and green.

The supertrend indicator is very similar to a moving average. and just like a moving average plotted on a chart, supertrend indicator will also give crossovers time to time.

When the Supertrend line is below the price, the color of the indicator will turn green. Similarly, When the Supertrend indicator is above the price, the color of the indicator will turn red.

But what do these changing colors mean? Well, as the name of the indicator suggests, the Supertrend indicator is trying to show the current Price Trend. It is trying to show the direction of the trend. When the supertrend indicator is green in color, and is below the price, the price is considered to be in an uptrend.

Similarly, if the supertrend indicator is above the price, and is red in color, there is a downtrend going on.

Now to keep it simple, that’s all supertrend really is. An indicator to find the direction of the trend. But people have figured out a way to use it as an entry signal generator. That’s right. The simple supertrend entry strategy goes something like this.

You buy, when the supertrend indicator flips below the price, and the color of the indicator changes to green. Set your stoploss, at or below the supertrend indicator.

And you sell, when the supertrend indicator flips above the price, and the color of the supertrend changes to red. Set the stoploss, at or above the supertrend line.

Now once you have entered the trade, how can you exit using the same indicator? Well, if you are not the trader that uses a fixed stop loss and profit target, you can use the supertrend line to trail your stop loss.
When the supertrend indicator turns green and flips below the price, you can enter the long trade, and trail the stoploss just below the supertrend line. The line will eventually flip over the price, and then you can completely close your long position.

If you have entered a short position when the supertrend flipped to red color, you can trail your stop loss using the supertrend line.

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