The Truth About Asthma and Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly Should You Take Them If You Have Asthma


Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly has earned a reputation as being foods which are extremely dangerous to all asthmatics. Their reputation has some substance, however I think it has been blown way out of proportion.

There is no doubt that these foods do present a serious risk to a small percentage of the population. Those who are allergic to bees, those who have a history of food hyper-sensitivity or those who have experienced anaphylactic reactions in the past should be very cautious when considering including Bee Pollen or Royal Jelly into the daily diet.

In terms of their nutritional value, they are unrivaled by pretty much every other food on the planet for its nutritional value. They contain almost every vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme in existence. It is said that Bee Pollen is arguably the most complete foods that one can eat. You could pretty much sustain a healthy and long life eating nothing else.

I personally have been taking these foods for many years. I believe they are the best supplements that you can take. Unlike other supplements or multi-vitamins, Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly are 100% natural and not manufactured in a lab.

If you are worried about an adverse reaction to either Bee Pollen or Royal Jelly, my advice would be to see a doctor about having an allergy test done. Find out if you are allergic to bees or bee products. If you decide to include these supplements into your diet, start off with a small dose and note any side effects or reactions. Build up the dosage accordingly, once you have established that it is safe to do so.

Known side effects of both Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly include:

  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritation of the mouth and throat
  • Fatigue
  • Asthmatic symptoms and in some rare extreme cases, life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

If you are not prone to food allergies and have no history of anaphylactic shock, I do recommend Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly. They are considered Super-foods by many nutritional experts and can actually help a majority of asthma sufferers by boosting the immune system considering asthma is an auto-immune condition.