The Ultimate Cure for Autism?


On June 11, 2007, the first of 4,800 autism cases came before the Special Masters in the U.S. Federal Claims Court, referred to as the “Vaccine Court.” The case of Michelle Cedillo has been chosen as the “test case” to discern whether there is a likely connection between the MMR vaccine, thimerosal and autism.

Here is a synopsis of the case: Michelle developed normally during the first year of her life. Seven days after her MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) at 15 months, she abruptly developed a high fever that abated and then recurred. Shortly thereafter, she lost her ability to speak, became disinterested in her surroundings, developed intense sensitivity to sounds and was eventually diagnosed with severe autism. Additionally, she developed severe diarrhea two weeks after receiving the shot, diarrhea which persists to the present day. Prior to receiving the MMR, she received vaccines containing more than 100 ugm of mercury from thimerosal. The strongest fact supporting the connection between her autism and the MMR is a biopsy of her intestinal lining documenting vaccine-strain measles virus when she had no other measles exposure.

The Battle Over Vaccines

History is repeating itself. Government vaccine mandates have been pitted against the intuitive sense of parents since the first Compulsory Vaccination Act was passed in the U.K. in 1865. Smallpox vaccination at that time was invasive, unsanitary and often both disfiguring and deadly. Public vaccinators cut at least four lines in a scored pattern on the arm of an adult and then “vaccine matter,” lymph that had been extracted from cows, was smeared into the wound. Eight days after the procedure, the blisters were harvested and the liquid was inserted directly into the arm of their child. Many children died of secondary infections and gangrene. A very active, grassroots parent movement began to refuse this vile procedure. The “anti-vaccine” label has continued to the present day.(2)

Parents in 2007 are revolting for different reasons. If parents agree to all the recommended vaccines, by age 10 girls will have 157 vaccine antigens injected into their body. Boys will receive slightly less, at 145, because they are not (yet) candidates for Gardisil, the new cervical cancer vaccine. In addition, measurable amounts of chemicals, such as MSG, polysorbate 20 and 80, aluminum, industrial grade detergents, 2-phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde and others, are in the shots. Some parents are beginning wonder if their children are merely a “profit center” for the pharmaceutical industry.

A medical sacred cow is, by definition, “a procedure or person unreasonably immune to criticism.” We need to stop being afraid to openly discuss problems with this sacred cow, a vaccine. We need to stop tisk-tisking when someone calls vaccines what they are: filth in a needle. A well-researched article by Benjamin McReardon lays bare what’s really coming through those needles.(3) We need to stop disbelieving reputable documentation about the problems caused by vaccines.

For more than 200 years, we’ve been told that vaccines are necessary for the good of society. The use of non-violent methods to convince a person to abandon their basic beliefs and adopt the beliefs of the indoctrinator is called brainwashing. We need to encourage adults to read the relevant information and then think for themselves. Those who have repeatedly told the pro-vaccine story are those who have the most to gain economically from vaccines: doctors and drug companies. We all need to realize that public health is more than just high vaccination rates and low infection rates.

Many physicians, allied health practitioners, and psychologists are working overtime help autistic children recover. But here’s a better idea: Why not keep them from getting sick and injured in the first place?

Embrace the notion that hand washing, eating good food, getting plenty of sleep, drinking clean water and using simple detoxification processes will keep us healthy. Do little bit of homework; research the pros and cons of the vaccine vs. risks of the illness. Most adults over 40 years of age experienced measles and chickenpox; some had pertussis. Was it really that bad? Parents who have children suffering from autism and ASD would have gladly stayed home a week or two with an uncomfortable, febrile child rather than to spend years trying to help them recover from autism. Would we rather have occasional outbreaks of short-lived, viral infections, such as mumps and the flu, or an epidemic of autism?

So, what will be the ultimate cure for autism? Stop causing it. Eat well, sleep much and educate before you vaccinate.



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