Tonsilith Treatments – How to Cure Tonsiliths


Tonsiliths? What’s that?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard of tonsiliths. Tonsilith or “tonsil stones”, are collections of various matter bound together in your tonsils. This matter is comprised mostly of food particles, dead cells, and oral bacteria which can form into hardened white balls and cause bad breath.

You may be a sufferer of tonsiliths and not even realise it. If you have chronic bad breath or a sore throat and feel like there is something stuck in the back of your throat, then there is a chance you have this condition. Tonsil stones form on the tonsil crevices and can harden and grow as they mature. They can become visible and can grow up to the size of marbles.

Unfortunately there is no certain potion or pill for treating tonsilith. Many people look to antibiotics such as penicillin to treat tonsil stones as they misdiagnose this for tonsillitis. Although antibiotics may relieve some of the outward symptoms, such as trouble swallowing and a chronic sore throat, it does not actually treat tonsilith.

There are several ways to treat tonsilith and get rid of those smelly white balls on your tonsils. If the tonsiliths have not hardened and matured you may be able to simply gargle the bacteria away with salt water.

If you can reach the tonsil stone with your toothbrush, try to scrape them away. You can also try pressing a q-tip down on your tonsils which sometimes pop the tonsiliths out of place.

If the tonsilith have become too hard you might need to see a doctor who may decide to remove your tonsils altogether. This is called a tonsillectomy. Or, another option is laser tonsillectomy which uses a carbon dioxide laser to literally ‘beam’ the tonsil crevices flat. Without tonsil crevices, the food particles and debris have nowhere to latch onto and thus your tonsiliths will disappear.

In most cases the tonsiliths will eventually remove themselves. However, they can be extremely irritating, painful and embarrassing as the odour is anything but pleasant. Ensure you practice extra good oral care with brushing, flossing and rinsing as part of your daily routine.

You can also chew on herbs such as cinnamon, thyme and mint during the day to ensure those annoying tonsil stones are under control no matter where you go.