What is VasoPro?


What is VasoPro? VasoPro is a trade name for ephedrine HCL (hydrochloride). Ephedrine HCL is an expectorant bronchodilator 25 mg white tablet. An expectorant works to thin bronchial secretions and break down mucus thus empowering a person’s coughing action to more easily expel the unwanted substance from their body. A bronchodilator works to relax smooth muscle tissue in the airways to help relieve tightness in the chest and enable easier breathing. VasoPro ephedrine HCL is a drug for those who experience asthmatic symptoms.

VasoPro ephedrine HCL is also a drug that when used in conjunction with caffeine and aspirin in some cases helps athletes to achieve certain goals in their training regimens; specifically bodybuilders and many types of endurance athletes. Bodybuilders use ephedrine HCL combined with caffeine before workouts because it grants them increased energy. It is also said to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue. Endurance athletes and bodybuilders alike ingest ephedrine HCL because it increases the body’s aerobic capacity and oxygen transportation abilities. It also increases thermogenesis – the body’s ability to metabolize calories and fats.

Another group, a large group, of people that use VasoPro ephedrine HCL is the obese. VasoPro increases energy, decreases fat, and suppresses the appetite. Thousands upon thousands of people worldwide are using ephedrine HCL as a dietary aid. They swear by its abilities to help them shed unwanted pounds and rid them of their ravenous food cravings.

VasoPro ephedrine HCL is not safe for usage by those who experience heart problems, thyroid problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, or an enlarged prostrate. Those who use or have recently used a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) are not to use VasoPro ephedrine HCL tablets.

Commonly experienced side effects include nervousness, shakiness, irritability, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, and headaches. Several of these symptoms are actually expected to result from users; they equate these with increased energy and fat loss. Like all drugs, use VasoPro ephedrine HCL with care and caution.