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Navin Prithyani has personally gone through all the strategies, indicators and other things that promise golden returns. He made this webinar so you won’t have to go this road too.

Many of you will have gone through some of these as well and you will recognize some of the things Navin discusses in this webinar.

Like most traders Navin started with indicators. What many of you by now also know, is that indicators can create very mixed results in terms of trading. Especially you add up another indicator as a filter to make sure that first indicator works properly. And before you know it, the whole screen is full of indicators. Needless to say, that is not the way. It will only drive you to being a mad scientist.

However, indicators taught Navin some valuable lessons. So he created a few strategies that include our human analysis into the indicators. One of those is the Pro Trading Strategy, which is very good and making a change for many of our students.
That however, was still not cutting it for Navin, so he dug deeper and deeper. He started to realize that following indicators would still make him late in trading, always one or more steps behind. So he went through the hard work of studying the markets and including human analysis more into it. Find out how in this video.

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What Navin Prithyani Learned From The Best Indicator Trading Strategies | Urban Forex finviz forex